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LogistixLogistix began when an international office products manufacturer decided to take its worldwide logistics experience and combine it with a skilled US team of distribution, logistics, and warehousing professionals. Their goal was to take control of their own destiny and offer the highest level of 3rd Party Logistics and Distribution services in the US.

Strategically located in Middle Tennessee, we are within a two day delivery point of 80% of the US population. With close proximity to 4 major East Coast Ocean and Customs Ports, along with an extensive rail and highway system immediately adjacent to the Murfreesboro operation, this was a natural and cost effective choice for locating our US operation. Due to the unique location, we are able to offer cost effective and efficient services that utilize Ocean containers, Air Freight, LTL and Full Truck Load services, Small Package Fed Ex and UPS services to accommodate all of our customer’s inbound and outbound distribution needs. Because of these many advantages, Middle Tennessee was the logical choice for Logistix core distribution facility and headquarters.

Logistix has additional facility offerings in Los Angeles, Rancho Dominguez, and Oakland California, as well as Edison, New Jersey. Our Los Angeles facilities are within 13 miles of the LA/ Long Beach Port; our Oakland facility is within two miles from the Port of Oakland; and our New Jersey facility is within 12 miles of Port Elizabeth.

All of our facilities provide a multitude of options to meet the distribution needs of our customers. From container unloading and loading, to internally staging, storing and managing inventory, all the way through to picking, packing, pallet building and complete system integration, Logistix offers a complete and seamless partnership to handle all of your outsourced fulfillment, distribution, and warehousing needs.

Our team is poised to provide you the most efficient and cost effective logistics and distribution solution to allow your company to focus on its core competencies, grow and prosper even in uncertain economic times.

Please contact our team with any questions and opportunity. We look forward to the chance to provide you with world class distribution services.

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